Thursday, June 28, 2012

A little late to the party

Sorry for the radio silence.  It's not like I've been all that busy.  Just work, running, and watching the Braves pummel the Diamondbacks.  I can't really bloop about work.  Things are still uber-weird and I'm just trying to do my best to make a bad situation okay.

Running is good.  I ran 7 miles before work on Tuesday and I felt pretty great.  So great that I even zoned out for most of the run.  I love when that happens.  It was really nice after all the icky runs I had been having.  But I think I can often attribute bad running to stress.  My body is super weird when it comes to stress anyway.  I can think that everything is okay and then realize that I sleeping a ridiculous amount and my face looks like the before picture for a Proactiv ad.

I ran 12 miles today.  I was going to do 10, but then I was feeling a bit inspired by current read, "Born to Run", that I decided to go a little further.  I know I was a little late to the party to read it, but I am enjoying it so much that I try to just read a chapter a night to prolong it.  I feel like it might be a book that I pick back up and read again which is a rarity for me.

Kind of like traveling--I like to go to a different place every time.  Not that I wouldn't go back somewhere, but that I just would prefer to experience something new.  I'm so comfy with my regular routine (albeit a bit bananas sometimes with the retail hours) that I enjoy vacationing as a deviation from the norm.  That being said, I'm not sure where we are going next.  Aside from traveling to Salina, Kansas in December for my grandma's 90th birthday party (woot!), we don't have anything else on the docket.

Must change that...

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