Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Keeping the puke inside

Oh man, I thought the 'Run With Donna' ads were bad on the The Loop, but 'The Cleaner Wiener' hot dog ads are just terrible.  I suppose they do make me pay attention--which is kind of the point.  Doh!
I had my what is likely too be the last coolish run of the post-work running sessions for the summer.  The rest of the week is supposed to get into the 90's.  Buh-bye any chance of scoring fast times after work.  I say coolish--it was in the mid-80's.  But the humidity wasn't too bad and I was in the shade for about 75% of the time. 

I hadn't intended on running for time.  Just my 7 miles.  I started out nice and easy and just wanted to finish without feeling that it's-hot-and-I-feel-pukey sensation that seems to be a regular occurence when I go out too hard on a hot day.  Somewhere in the middle of the run, I started to feel kind of bad so I shortened my stride and just tried to enjoy the ride.  Looking back at my splits, the rest mile appeared to help me finish strong.

I kept a nice pace for the last few miles and felt really great on the last mile.  It was one of those gleeful running moments when you feel a little ridiculous going full tilt, but don't care.  I was trotting along happily at an 8:15 pace for about a half mile and then decided to bolt towards the end.  I felt those happy endorphins pulsating through every inch and couldn't help but smile to myself as I walked back to my car. 

Yesterday's splits: 8:22 (easin' in), 8:12 (warmed up), 8:15 (stayin' steady), 8:25 (rest time), 8:19 (good cadence), 8:03 (almost there), 7:48 (endorphin blast)

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