Sunday, June 24, 2012

I need YOUR advice (pretty please!!!)

I have already posted this in Loopville, but I thought I would double my success if I posted everywhere else.  I am doing an article series for and am seeking runners to give me their advice.  Hopefully I can get great quotable material that I can incorporate into the articles that I writing.

The gist of the series is to provide information for first-time half-marathoners.  Maybe they've raced 5Ks or 10Ks before, but this would be advice for anyone tackling the 13.1 distance for the first time. 
Everyone has a different experience so I am looking for things that many of you 'expert' amatuers can offer any newbie. 

I have 13.1 topics total, but I am soliciting advice for 5 topics to begin with.

You can leave comments below, but I'd love to quote people's actual names/# of half-marathons run/home state in the article.  i.e. "Bob, a 12 time half-marathon finisher from Ohio, uses Google calendars to log his daily workouts."

However, I will take what I can get, so anything you want to add is cool too.  If you are on Facebook, you can private message me there too.  Quadracool=Carissa Liebowitz

Here are the topics (remember this is advice for first-timers!!):

1. Training Plans (where do you get your training plan from? how do you adhere to it? do you print it off/use a calendar?)

2. Nutrition (before/during/after long training runs? preference of gels/bars/dried fruit? favorite pre-race breakfast? how many pieces of bacon equal a good run (j/k)?)

3. Tech (favorite piece of running technology--Garmin? HR monitor? iPod? Running apps?)

4. Hydration (Gatorade and/or water? Fuel belt or handheld?)

5. Rest (Adequate sleep? Taking rest days? Tapering?)

By all means, I am not looking for answers for each category, so if you have something to add to the conversation about just one topic, I'll take it!!!

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