Saturday, July 14, 2012

2-a-day, for the beginner

Another 7 miles yesterday.  Although I did have to split it into a 6.5 miler and finish the last 0.5 miles about 1.5 hours later.  Had I not been still sitting around in my running clothes, I might have just forgone the final 0.5, but it was a nice little break at the time.  Besides, now I can say I've done a 2-a-day, right? Well, to be fair, I think it only qualifies if I work up a decent sweat.  4 minutes doesn't count.

The carpet cleaning guy showed up early and so I had to cut my run short.  One of the rooms he was cleaning was the treadmill room so I didn't really want to finish while he was trying to work.  And I couldn't really shower until he I just sat around in my running clothes.
I finished 2 articles for while he was working.  So that's why it was nice to hop back on and finish the final 0.5 miles.  The mental break gave me some fresh perspective.  Writing at home is a great part-time gig, but it does take some serious willpower to not get distracted. 

I really should clean that air vent.

Where are we going to go out to dinner tonight?

Is the mail here yet?

Just one more play on Words With Friends.

I leave for work in a short while.  We are having a book signing today with Amy Atlas.  It should be a fun event, but I will only get to see that tail end of it since I am the closer today.  Hopefully it will create a steady buzz within the store--always good for business!

So excited to have another Sunday off tomorrow.  It makes me feel like a normal person.  We have nothing planned and that's just dandy.

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