Monday, July 9, 2012

Calling all running gurus: I need your advice!!

About 2 weeks ago, I pleaded for your advice for a series of articles that I writing for  I am writing 13.1 articles for the beginning half-marathoner. 

Here I am asking for the second (of three) installments.  So if you have any pearls of wisdom to share with fellow runners, I ask you to either A) leave a comment below or B) private message me. 

As a quick aside, I find it quite amusing that the first topic happens to be injury.  After 2 years of no aches and pains, I had to take a few day off due to a rolled ankle.  Fortunately, things seemed to be much looser in the area today and I was able to get back on the horse.  I'll be the first to admit that I was pretty freaked out that I might be out for *weeks*.  Eeek!

Anyway, who cares about me??

I want to know about YOU!!! 

Give me your best advice on any or all topics.  Leave me your name, where you are from, and how many half-marathons you've completed.  Remember this is for beginners so I especially welcome back-of-the-packers!!!

1. Injury: How to avoid it? How to manage it if you are in a race training plan? What exercises do you recommend to stay strong? At what point is it not smart to race?

2. Speedwork: Did you do it training for your first half-marathon? How often/how much? What types of workouts do you enjoy? What types of workouts did you feel improved your time?

3. Long Slow Distance Runs: How many should you have completed before the race? How long should your longest run be before racing your first half? What mental tricks do you play to finish?

4. Hills: see the examples for speedwork, plus How do you practice if you live in a relatively flat spot?

5. Cross-training: What types of workouts do you do that can help with running? What seems to interfere when you are training for a race? How many days a week do you cross-train?

I look forward to hearing your responses.  I really, really enjoyed reading the material from the previous post.

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