Friday, July 20, 2012

Good thing Tomato didn't catch me picking a booger

Normally I get the chance to bloop first about my runs with Flying Tomato, but he beat me to the punch.  He told his side so eloquently....I'm just here to mangle the story from my viewpoint. And to throw in a dancing banana....

It was humid (97-100%, holy cow Batman!) and early for this lazy 30 year old sans kids.  To give myself a bit of slack, I was at work until 10pm and didn't get home until close to 11pm.  Then the Braves went--subsequently choking--into extra innings until about 1am.

So after getting about 5ish hours of sleep, I met up with Tomato at my Greenway.  He is so gracious to drive up each time, I am definitely in need of repaying his driving debt.  He was driving a different car this time and completely blindsided me when he called out hello.  Good thing I wasn't picking my nose....or a wedgie...

I brought my fuel belt and debated about it for a hot minute.  It actually wasn't that bad wearing it this time around as I had Tomato to completely distract me from any annoyances.

Off we went! 5 miles out and 5 miles back with a little pit stop for Gu at the halfway mark at a Garmin restart (thankyousweatywrists) at mile 6.

10 miles is decidedly way more fun with a friend.  We breezed through an hour and a half and I honestly felt completely relaxed the entire time.  I never even looked at my Garmin except when we made the pit stops. 

We hadn't run together in about a month so we had a ton to catch up on.  I hope to make it to some of the long runs in his marathon training if he lets me.

When we got back to the parking lot, Tomato had a cooler with 2 Gatorades.  What a super thoughtful guy!!! 

I showered when I got home and proceeded to take a nap before work.  My legs and ankle felt a little tight when I woke up.  But being on my feet the rest of the day certainly got the kinks out.

I've talked Adam into going to Fleet Feet with me later today to go running shoe shopping.  Who knows what I'll end up to come I suppose!

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