Monday, July 16, 2012

One final plea for advice (and then I'll shut up!!)

Ok y'all.  I need your thoughts one more time.  Remember my blog post about training tips? Well, I need your advice for 3 more topics.

I promise to post the links to once they are posted so you can see your advice 'published'.

The advice is for first-timers.  Therefore, any tips you may have, even if you've raced 1 half-marathon, would be greatly appreciated.  Don't forget your name, state (or city/country), and # of half-marathons raced--I want to be able to give credit where credit is due!!

1. Taper-How long do you taper? What is your average weekly mileage during a half-marathon taper? What do you to combat the taper blues?  Anything you wished you did/didn't do during your taper?

2. Weather-How do you train in inclement weather (heat, cold, rain, etc)?  Favorite bad-weather clothing/gear item? Tips for being prepared on race day?

3. Race Day Experience-What is the one thing you wished someone had told you prior to your first half? What are things to look forward to? What are things to be concerned about? How do you deal with transportation--point-to-point course versus looped, family, friends, fellow runners?

Feel free to embellish on the questions I suggested. 

In my own running life, things seem to be back on track.  I'll take a nice status quo week.  I did 4 7-milers last week for a grand total of 28 miles.  That's comfortable for me.  It might be another few weeks before I go long again since I am still nursing a tight ankle.  I tend to get sloppy in my form between 10-12 miles.  After all, I'd rather run 'short runs' than no runs.

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