Thursday, July 26, 2012

Running fast (sometimes) feels better

After my attempts of running after work in the upper 90's, I decided to retreat to the treadmill cave last night.  Wearing my new shoes on the 3rd run answered a few more questions.

-The first 4.5 miles were tough.  I was mentally tired, physically tired, and putting off dinner until 9pm so I could squeeze in my run.

-I sped up the 4.5 mark to try to boost my energy, change my stride.  Lo and behold, I felt great!  Running faster made my footstrike easier and the extra cardio 'umph' was not too difficult to compensate for.

-Between miles 6 and 7, I really inched the speed up and continued to feel great.

Moral of (this) Wednesday's story: running fast (sometimes) feels better!

I wore my new shoes the entire run.  Halfway through I debated changing them, but then decided to go a little further.  Once I was running faster, I didn't have that thought.

I think I might wear the old shoes for tomorrow's run.  I'm trying to be *good* and transition.

In other life news, I am kind of at a standstill.  There are some job things that didn't work out the way I had wanted, but I am hoping that it falls into the category of 'everything happens for a reason'.  Besides, I am growing my entrepreneurial notebook.  99% of my ideas are ridiculous, but I am enjoying the spirit of having dreams.  It's hard to stop and smell the roses when I feel like I'm not really surrounded by roses.  But I have a lot more to be thankful for than so many others, so I have to quash the bellyaching.

I'm looking forward to date night, a HOT Braves game Sunday, a baby shower for dear friends, and growing my ridiculous list.

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