Monday, July 23, 2012

No longer a minimalist virgin

I know I keep complaining about the heat.  But it's so hot.  And I'm so over it.  It was a realfeel of 107 today when I went galloping through the forest.  I wore my fuel belt and polished off my water at mile 5 of 7.  Gah!

It was a let's-forget-that-happened kind of run.  Hot, slow, and testing my new minimalist shoes. 

This was run #2 with them.  I wore them on Saturday and ran 3.5 miles in them before switching into my old shoes for another 3.5.  That seemed to be okay.  I should have done the same today, but I opted to run outside instead.  My calves feel a little stiff now and I definitely felt the lack of cushioning towards the end of my run.

I will just need to jumble my schedule a bit for awhile so can properly adjust to the shoes.  I do like how light they feel.  If it was fall and about 50 degrees cooler outside, I could fly!!! For another few months, I will just be shuffling and hopefully training some new muscles.

When I was at Fleet Feet on Friday, I tried on a few pairs of minimalist shoes and decided to go with the Pure Flow.  They fit the best and still had a little of bit of cushioning.  Good for a newbie like me.  We'll see how this little experiment goes.  Lots of Loopsters seem to like their minimalist shoes and the only way to know if I like 'em is to try 'em!

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