Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back to the rut, er, routine

With clocking only 10 miles last week, it was nice to get back into a regular routine this week.  7 miles in the morning on Monday while testing my ankle went smashingly well.

Last night it was just a status quo run.  I was tired from being on my feet all day and definitely felt it towards the end of my run.  However, I was able to run at my normal speed--just feeling a little achy in my feet.  That leads me to the next segment.


have been running in cushioned shoes for awhile.  Either stability or motion-control style.  Last summer I was doing a little barefoot running and I liked it.  I just finished 'Born to Run' and am even more interested in going a little more minimalist.

But I don't generally have much pain while I run.  The occasional soreness on the soles of my feet after 10-12 shifts at work is probably more situational related and probably not helped by a minimalist shoe.  However, I am considering working a pair into my next purchase.

I wish I had $589423948 to spend on running shoes, but that is not the case.  I usually buy a pair at a time, wear them for 400-500 miles and restart the process.  But perhaps I might enjoy having something else.  We'll see.

Tomorrow I have another 7 planned.  We are getting the carpets cleaned with one of those lovely 'windows' that I am expected to be home so I better get 'er done early!!

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